We maintain a database of volunteering opportunties in South Lanarkshire. People who are interested in volunteering can either browse these opportunities on our web site, on the Volunteer Scotland website, or in our volunteering directory when meeting with one of our Volunteer Advisers. We keep the directory as fresh and representative as possible, illustrating the great variety that exists within volunteering and emphasising the positive experiences it can produce.

If you organisation is looking for volunteers, please get in touch to let us know about the role and we will advertise it. You can fill out a Volunteer Opportunity Form and either email it to volunteer@vaslan.org.uk or post it to the Voluntary Sector Support Centre, 155 Montrose Crescent, Hamilton ML3 6LQ. We also have guidence notes on filling out the opportunity form.

For more information please contact David Bett on 01698 300 390 or email david.bett@vaslan.org.uk.