Delayed Discharge: Continuing the Conversation

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On Friday 28th May, VASLan hosted a conversation with the members of the Third Sector and representatives of the Health and Social Care Partnership.  This conversation focussed on Delayed Discharge and how we can work together to reduce it.    There is a big role for the Third Sector in supporting delayed discharge and admission avoidance.  This could be about getting in shopping, switching on heating, carrying out small repairs and reducing loneliness.  These are all small things that get in the way of people getting home from hospital in a timely manner.  

We want to continue the conversation and therefore we will be holding another session on Thursday 22nd July from 1pm – 3pm

We hope you can join us and give your input into how we can further progress this work and align it to work that has already proven to be successful.


Time: 1pm to 3pm

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If you have any question about this event please email or telephone  01698 300390

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