Funders by Name

Funder Amount Closing Date Status
Heritage Enterprise (HLF) Large: Over £100,000 Open Historic buildings are known to attract thriving businesses, and yet many of them lie vacant and derelict. With a Heritage Enterprise grant you can breathe new life into historic sites by repairing, adapting and giving them a productive new use. By funding much of the repair costs we hope to encourage private developers to work with community organisations to deliver commercially viable schemes.  
Heritage Grant (HLF) Large: Over £100,000 Open Heritage Grants is our open programme for any type of project related to the national, regional, or local heritage in the UK. You can apply for a grant of over £100,000.  
Hilden Charitable Fund Not Specified Closed This scheme is available to charities in the UK and non- governmental organisations in the developing world. in the UK the fund  supports projects concerned with: homelessness: asylum seekers and refugees; Community- based initiatives for young people aged 16-25 years and penal reform. in the developing world, the fund supports projects concerned with: community development; education, and health
Hugh Fraser Foundation Not Specified Open This scheme provides grants to non-profit organisations for charitable work in the UK, whith a preference for scotland. the Trustees favour smaller, more focused causes rather than large highly-publicised appeals. Applications are assessed on a case-by case basis with no maximum or minimum levels specified. so long as the object is charitable the trustees will consider any application from a registerd charity. The trustees make grants in many different sectors. including: Medical research Hospitals. Education Organisations working withe Young and Aged the disabled and the under Privleged. Arts Organisations the trustees policy is to pay special regard to applications from Scotland, particulary from parts of scotland where the local economy and/ or circumstances make fundrasing for charitable purposes difficult there is no prescribed application form. applications should be by a letter of application, which should describe the project, and include a buget, if appropriate, and a copy of the organisation's latest accounts or up-to-date financial information.