Heritage Funders

Funder Amount Closing Date Status
(Social Economy Growth Fund) Not Specified 17 Feb 2017 Closed The Social Economy Growth Fund will enable the third sector/social economy to improve and increase services and support for people experiencing poverty and disadvantage. It will help organisations to increase their capacity to support disadvantaged people – for example by expanding existing services and employing additional staff. The Fund will support organisations with a proven track record of working successfully with individuals and families who experience disadvantage, poverty and social exclusion. Organisations applying are expected to: •support people to move into better paid employment •increase household income •improve people's skills •empower people to find and own solutions to poverty themselves   Full details including eligibility criteria and the application process are available from https://beta.gov.scot/publications/social-economy-growth-fund-guidance/ The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday 17 February.
Beaverbrrok Foundation Small: Up to £10,000 Open This scheme makes grants avalible to charities in the uk undertaking projects in the following areas: The erection or improvement of the fabric of any church building the purchase of books, papers, manuscripts or works of art care of the aged or infirm in the UK Funding is available and is allocated in line with their policy which is to provide small grants to small organisations that will make a big difference. most grants are up to £2,000; however,larger grants are available, the trustees will not normally consider grants to cover expenditure which has already been incurred or committed Donations can be made for: Capital expenditure, such as to acquire or upgrade physical assets such as building, fixtures and fittings, machinery, furniture and other equipment. revenue/ runninig costs special projects    
Big Lotter Fund - improving lives - Medium Medium: Up to £100,000 Open Many people experience challenges at some point in their lives and we want to support activity that helps them overcome these difficulties and become more resilient. We want to fund activity that means people: are better able to identify ways to take control over their lives and build resilience are able to shape the activities and services they use to better meet their needs have more access to support and opportunities to improve their lives. For applications up to £150,000 you only need to fill in a single application form. If you are applying for between £150,000 and £1 million there is a different form and two stage process. To get an application form or to discuss what you're planning, contact our Scotland Advice Team on 0300 123 7110 or advicescotland@biglotteryfund.org.uk      
Charles Hayward Foundation Large: Over £100,000 Open this Scheme makes grats avaiable to UK registered charities for prjects in the following catagories: Heritage and Conservation Social and Criminal justice Overseas Older People it offers two grant programmes: Small grants Scheme Grants are available to organisations with a turnover of more than £350,000 Main Grants Grants are avalable to organisations withe a turnover of more than £350,000 Heritage and conservation grants between £25,000 and £50,000 for a select number of one-off projects. Social and Criminal Justice: grants of between £15,000 and £25,000 per annum for one to three years. up to £25,000 may be available for a pilot project, if it adresses complex problems in an innovative way and may lead to replication if proven effective. Overseas: grants of up to £15,000 for one off projects The Overseas grant programme makes grants to uk registerd charities which undertake projects in the commonwealth countries of africa. charities must have and income of between £150,000 and £5million. applicants must state what other sources of funding have been sought and secured. grants are paid on evidence of expenditure such as receipts or invocies for project grants, budgets and management accounts will be required. funding is avalable for project cost and acpital expenditure and the foundation values projects that develop expand and replicate a tried and tested approach as well as supporting creative solutions to problems which seem to be entrenched and elude resolution. projects that are preventative and provide early intervention are valued and priority is given to projects that respond to a well researched and clear need, provide intervention based on evidence of what works, are to demonstrate value of money and have a clear understanding of short term effects and long term impact of the intervention they propose.    
First World War Then and Now (HLF) Small: Up to £10,000 Open First World War: then and now provides grants of £3,000 to £10,000 for communities to mark the Centenary of the First World War. With a grant from us you could make a real difference to a wide range of people by helping them understand the war and its impact better. In particular, we believe that involving young people in marking the Centenary is important.  
Garfield Weston Foundation Large: Over £100,000 Open The Foundation aims to be responsive to where need is greatest. We therefore support a wide range of charitable activity rather than having specific priorities for funding or regional bias. Our Trustees support excellence and, rather than predetermining where funds should be given, prefer to respond on a flexible basis to organisations that can show that they are addressing a need and that their work is high quality.
Grants for Places of Worship (HLF) Large: Over £100,000 Open The Grants for Places of Worship programme is for projects that involve urgent structural repairs to public places of worship that are listed at Categories A, B and C.It is a joint scheme, run by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic Scotland. As part of a repair project, we can also fund work to encourage greater community use and engagement. You can apply for a grant from £10,000 to £250,000.      
Heritage Enterprise (HLF) Large: Over £100,000 Open Historic buildings are known to attract thriving businesses, and yet many of them lie vacant and derelict. With a Heritage Enterprise grant you can breathe new life into historic sites by repairing, adapting and giving them a productive new use. By funding much of the repair costs we hope to encourage private developers to work with community organisations to deliver commercially viable schemes.  
Heritage Grant (HLF) Large: Over £100,000 Open Heritage Grants is our open programme for any type of project related to the national, regional, or local heritage in the UK. You can apply for a grant of over £100,000.  
Museums Galleries Scotland Small Project Fund Small: Up to £10,000 15 Sep 2017 Open This Scheme makes small grants available to museums and mudeums services in Scotland for projects that will improve the quality and capacity of services
On Organ Fund Up to £5,000 30 Sep 2017 Open The fund exists for the purpose of supporting the provision and restoration of pipe organs in the British Isles. An application can be made only if and when all of the following conditions have been met:   the project is for the main organ in the church; a fund has been set up and at least half the amount required (including VAT if applicable) has been raised; a contract has been signed with the organ builder; a faculty (if applicable) has been granted. The Fund receives many applications and most grants are currently between £100 and £1000. Applications are considered in May and November of each year and the final dates for receipt of application by the Secretary are 30 April and 30 September respectively.
Our Heritage (HLF) Medium: Up to £100,000 Open The Our Heritage programme is for any type of project related to national, regional or local heritage in the UK. You can apply for a grant of more than £10,000 and up to £100,000. Under this programme, we fund applications from not-for-profit organisations, private owners of heritage (including individuals and for-profit organisations) and partnerships.    
Parks for People (HLF) Large: Over £100,000 Open Parks for People is for projects related to historic parks and cemeteries in the UK. You can apply for a grant from £100,000 to £5million.  
Readcliffe Trust Not Specified 31 Jul 2017 Open This Scheme makes funding available for UK registerd Charities working in Music, and heritage and crafts
ScotRail- Station Community Regeneration Fund (SCRF) Scotland Medium: Up to £100,000 Open ScotRail and Transport Scotland are seeking applications for a £1.5million community fund, designed to breathe new life into old and disused railway stations The Stations Community Regeneration Fund (SCRF) enables community groups to transform redundant station rooms into facilities to benefit local people. Any projects that will aid communities or rail passengers will be considered for grants of between £5,000 and £75,000. Bids may also be made for larger sums, dependent on in-depth feasibility studies. Grants can be used to contribute towards the costs of any structural repairs and to assist with the costs of fitting out station premises for their intended use. Applications will be assessed on whether they fit with the existing building, businesses and local area, how they meet a market or community demand, and the future benefits For more information, potential applicants should email SCRF@scotrail.co.uk  
Sharing Heritage (HLF) Small: Up to £10,000 Open The Sharing Heritage programme is for any type of project related to national, regional or local heritage in the UK.  
Townscape Heritage (HLF) Large: Over £100,000 Open The Townscape Heritage programme is for schemes which help communities improve the built historic environment of conservation areas in need of investment across the UK. We support partnerships of local, regional and national interests that aim to regenerate economically disadvantaged historic areas for the benefit of local residents, workers and visitors.  
William and Jane Morris Fund Small: Up to £10,000 31 Aug 2017 Open This scheme makes grants available for places of worship undertaking restoration projects in the UK . Only buildings or monuments erected before 1896 are eligible
Young Roots (HLF) Medium: Up to £100,000 Open Young people are bursting with creative ideas about how to explore and care for their heritage.Whether restoring a vintage motorbike, designing a new nature trail or documenting changes to their community over time, through Young Roots projects young people make a real difference to the places where they live. In the process, their confidence grows and they learn valuable heritage and employability skills. We support applicants to deliver high quality projects for all of the young people, staff and communities involved. Young Roots projects should achieve all of the outcomes for people and communities