Arts/Culture Funders

Funder Amount Closing Date Status
(Social Economy Growth Fund) Not Specified 17 Feb 2017 Closed The Social Economy Growth Fund will enable the third sector/social economy to improve and increase services and support for people experiencing poverty and disadvantage. It will help organisations to increase their capacity to support disadvantaged people – for example by expanding existing services and employing additional staff. The Fund will support organisations with a proven track record of working successfully with individuals and families who experience disadvantage, poverty and social exclusion. Organisations applying are expected to: •support people to move into better paid employment •increase household income •improve people's skills •empower people to find and own solutions to poverty themselves   Full details including eligibility criteria and the application process are available from The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday 17 February.
(Wolfson Foundation) Not Specified 1 Jul 2017 Closed Grants are generally given for capital infrastructure (new build, refurbishment and equipment) supporting excellence in the fields of science and medicine, health & disability, education and the arts & humanities. The large majority of our funding is allocated through open programmes (i.e. programmes which are open for any applicant to apply, albeit within defined eligibility criteria). We also run a small number of closed programmes (i.e. programmes where the particular field being funded is tightly defined and where we work with a number of carefully selected organisations). Generally our capital infrastructure programmes are open programmes and our closedprogrammes are all bursary, scholarship or salary schemes focussed on people rather than buildings or equipment. Information on all of our programmes is available on this site, including information on how to apply, via the menus to the left. We welcome applications under our open programmes but do not accept unsolicited applications under our closed programmes.  
Anchor Foundation Small: Up to £10,000 31 Jan 2018 Open This scheme makes grants available to UK-registered Christian charities for projects that encourage social inclusion through ministries of healing and the arts. Grants of between £500 and £10,000 per year are available. it is normal practice not to give grants to the same project for more than three years.  Charities with a number of projects operating should choose a sigle project for the application. Projects that have had three years funding may apply again two years from the payment of the last grant. The foundation awards grants for projects ( including projects abroad) which encourage social inclusion through ministries of healing and the arts. Application forms are available to complete online and to download from the foundation's website. the foundation will not acknowledge receipt of applications and only successful applicants will be contacted after the trustees meeting if Succcessful the foundation will contact the applicant for further information such as a project budget and annual accounts. Applications for capital or revenue funding will be considered however grants for building work will only be considered in exceptional circumstances successful applicants should wait 12 months before applying again. unsuccessful applicats can re-apply after 12 months.  
B&Q - Waste Donation Scheme Not Specified Open This Scheme operates through B&Q's UK and Republic of Ireland stores as it donates unsalable products to community groups, charities and schools for projects that will benefit the local community. B&Q donates unsalable products and waste materials for re-use, such as slightly damaged tins of paint, off-cuts of timber, odd rolls of wallpaper, and end-of-range materials. Groups will need to complete a waste donation form, which is available from the environmental champion, diversity champion, or duty manager in store. The form must be returned to the store, together with a covering letter (on headed paper) to the Manager of the B&Q store from which items are requested, indicating the school/charity/community group’s interest in receiving waste items. Subject to the request being authorised,the school/charity/group will be added to a list of potential recipients. Applicants are advised to keep in contact with the store to checkon availability of materials. Stores may also contact applicants, should appropriate items be available for donation.
Beaverbrrok Foundation Small: Up to £10,000 Open This scheme makes grants avalible to charities in the uk undertaking projects in the following areas: The erection or improvement of the fabric of any church building the purchase of books, papers, manuscripts or works of art care of the aged or infirm in the UK Funding is available and is allocated in line with their policy which is to provide small grants to small organisations that will make a big difference. most grants are up to £2,000; however,larger grants are available, the trustees will not normally consider grants to cover expenditure which has already been incurred or committed Donations can be made for: Capital expenditure, such as to acquire or upgrade physical assets such as building, fixtures and fittings, machinery, furniture and other equipment. revenue/ runninig costs special projects    
Big Lotter Fund - improving lives - Medium Medium: Up to £100,000 Open Many people experience challenges at some point in their lives and we want to support activity that helps them overcome these difficulties and become more resilient. We want to fund activity that means people: are better able to identify ways to take control over their lives and build resilience are able to shape the activities and services they use to better meet their needs have more access to support and opportunities to improve their lives. For applications up to £150,000 you only need to fill in a single application form. If you are applying for between £150,000 and £1 million there is a different form and two stage process. To get an application form or to discuss what you're planning, contact our Scotland Advice Team on 0300 123 7110 or      
Creative Scotland Not Specified Open Creative Scotland is the national agency for the arts, screen and creative industries. We distribute money from Scottish Government and the National Lottery through a series of Funding Programmes which allow artists, practitioners and organisations to apply for financial support to develop talent, create new work, and support widening access and participation.
Cruden Foundation Limited Not Specified Open this scheme makes grants available for registered charities in Scotland working for the support and improvment of the community funding is available for activities that support the main purposes of the trust as follows: The advancement of education the advancment of health The advacment of citizenship or community deelopment. The advancement of the arts, heritage, culture or science The advancement of public participation in sport The provision of recreational facilities, or the organisation of recreational activities, withe the object of iproving the conditions of life for the person for whom the facilities or activities are primarily intended the advacement of environmental protection or improvement the relief of those in need by reson of age , ill health, disability, finacial hardship or other disadvantage. the advacement of Animal welfare.   The trust does not maintain and email address or website. applications must be submitted in writing and must demonstrate need and purposes of support and be adressed to   The Secretary Cruden Foundation Limite Baserton House Juniper Green Edinburgh EH14 3HN
Elephant Trust Small: Up to £10,000 Open This scheme awards grants to Artists, small organisations and Galleries in the UK to make it possible for artists to undertake and complete projects when frustated by lack of funds. Avilable grants are usualy limited to £2,000 but larger grants up to £5,00 may be considered with priority given to artists in the fine arts, small organisations and galleries within the UK  
Esmee Fairbairn Fund Medium: Up to £100,000 Open The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation is one of the largest independent grant-making foundations in the UK. The aim is to improve the quality of life for people and communities in the UK both now and in the future. They fund the charitable activities of organisations that have the ideas and ability to achieve change for the better. fund across four main sectors – Arts, Children and Young People, Environment and Social Change – as well as through our Food funding strand. Across all our funding we aim to unlock and enable potential, back the unorthodox and unfashionable, build collective networks and catalyse system change.  
Event Scotland Medium: Up to £100,000 6 Oct 2017 Closed Run by Event Scotland, the National Funding Programme supports events (outside Edinburgh and Glasgow) which showcase Scotland and help generate tourism.  Your event should have the potential to attract visitors to your region during and after the event, along with a number of other requirements. Grants of between £4,000 – £25,000 are available, although the maximum funding requested must not exceed 25% of the overall event income.
Fidelio Charitable Trust Up to £5,000 1 Oct 2017 Closed Fidelio welcomes applications for grants in support of the Arts, in particular the dramatic and operatic arts, music, speech and dance. Institutions, colleges, Arts Festivals and other arts organisations in the United Kingdom, may seek financial support as follows: for individuals or groups of exceptional ability, whom they have been responsible for selecting, to enable them.
Foyle Foundation Large: Over £100,000 Open The Foyle Foundation is an independent grantmaking trust that distributes grants to UK charities. The Foundation does not support applications from individuals.
Gannochy Trust Large: Over £100,000 Open A K Bell’s philanthropy has been developed into one of the more substantial grant-making trusts in Scotland. Originally, the Trust contributed to worthy charitable causes solely within Perth and its immediate environs. In 1967 a Scheme of Alterations was approved by the Court of Session to expand its grant-making footprint to the whole of Scotland, but with a preference for Perth and its environs. The Trust has made significant contributions to a wide variety of projects across Scotland over many years, ranging from major national flagship projects to smaller, but nonetheless important, community projects.
Glasgow Festival 2018 Fund Not Specified 6 Sep 2017 Open This schem is part of the biggest sporting event hosted in Scotland since the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Co- hosted with Berlin Glasgow 2018 is a multi-sport event to be staged 2- 12 August 2018 the Fund aims to deliver a programme of broad cultural expression ranging from grassroots initiatives to large scale international projects to involve talent from across Scotland and deliver a programme with something for everyone. Applications are invited from all Art-forms including Music Visual art, theatre dance film litreature and performance to showcase the best Scotland's cultural offer. glagow's Gorge Square and the Merchant City Festival will be at the heart of Festival 2018 alongside communities close to the venue areas.    
Hugh Fraser Foundation Not Specified Open This scheme provides grants to non-profit organisations for charitable work in the UK, whith a preference for scotland. the Trustees favour smaller, more focused causes rather than large highly-publicised appeals. Applications are assessed on a case-by case basis with no maximum or minimum levels specified. so long as the object is charitable the trustees will consider any application from a registerd charity. The trustees make grants in many different sectors. including: Medical research Hospitals. Education Organisations working withe Young and Aged the disabled and the under Privleged. Arts Organisations the trustees policy is to pay special regard to applications from Scotland, particulary from parts of scotland where the local economy and/ or circumstances make fundrasing for charitable purposes difficult there is no prescribed application form. applications should be by a letter of application, which should describe the project, and include a buget, if appropriate, and a copy of the organisation's latest accounts or up-to-date financial information.  
Museums Galleries Scotland Small Project Fund Small: Up to £10,000 15 Sep 2017 Open This Scheme makes small grants available to museums and mudeums services in Scotland for projects that will improve the quality and capacity of services
On Organ Fund Up to £5,000 30 Sep 2017 Open The fund exists for the purpose of supporting the provision and restoration of pipe organs in the British Isles. An application can be made only if and when all of the following conditions have been met:   the project is for the main organ in the church; a fund has been set up and at least half the amount required (including VAT if applicable) has been raised; a contract has been signed with the organ builder; a faculty (if applicable) has been granted. The Fund receives many applications and most grants are currently between £100 and £1000. Applications are considered in May and November of each year and the final dates for receipt of application by the Secretary are 30 April and 30 September respectively.
Paul Hamlyn Foundation Not Specified Open The Paul Hamlyn Foundation is one of the larger independent grant-making foundations in the UK. They make grants to organisations which aim to maximise opportunities for individuals to experience a full quality of life, both now and in the future. In particular they are concerned with children and young people, and others who are disadvantaged.
Philip Bates Trust Small: Up to £10,000 30 Sep 2017 Open This scheme makes grants available for individuals and voluntary and community Organisations undertaking projects that encourage and develop artistic intrest in young people in the UK
Readcliffe Trust Not Specified 31 Jul 2017 Open This Scheme makes funding available for UK registerd Charities working in Music, and heritage and crafts
Robertson Trust Not Specified Open The Robertson Trust is an independent Scottish grant-making Trust which exists to provide financial support to charities as defined by the Law of Scotland. In practice, this enables the Trustees to donate to a wide range of charitable objectives where the work takes place in, or has an impact on, Scotland.   the organisation has 3 Funding Strands   1. Care and wellbeing 2. Strenghening Communities 3 Realising Potential and its outcomes are Improved confidence & self-esteem Increased inclusion Improved Skills and Knowledge Improved Health and Well-being  
The ASDA Foundation Not Specified Open The ASDA Foundation supports a range of good causes around the UK. It exists primarily to give support to existing projects being run by ASDA colleagues, although applications are open to all registered charities, community groups and individuals in the UK, as long as they have the support and involvement of local ASDA colleagues. Applications are accepted throughout the year and will be assessed at the quarterly trustee meeting. Eligible individuals/organisations must: operate in the UK be providing a clear benefit to their local community be non-profit making have direct support and involvement from one of the ASDA colleagues. To apply visit your local ASDA branch and speak with a member of staff.
Trusthouse Charitable Foundation Up to £50,000 Open Our grants programme supports projects in the UK which address issues in Rural Communities and/or areas of Urban Deprivation. Within these two main headings, we are interested in helping established projects which work in the fields of Community Support; Arts, Education & Heritage; Disability & Health Care.
WM Mann Foundation Not Specified Open This scheme provides grants to charitable instutions, societies and foundations that are based in scotland or are serving the Scottish comunity in the fields of music arts education and care. all requests for finacial assistance should be directed to and will be considered by the trustees. payments are to charitable institutions societies foundations or other funds at the trustees discretion. in the main such charitable payments are to organisations based in scotland or serving the scotitish community and preference is given to charitable institutions headquarted and or active in the flasgow area. preference is given to one-off support for special projects it is rare that support is given to the same charity for more than three years. the trustees prefer to focus on smaller local charities where relatively modest donations can make a difference. a particular emphasis is given to charities which benefit young people. assistance is not usually given to large international charities or for medical research scholarships and or bursaries are not given to indivuals    
Youth Voice fund Small: Up to £10,000 Open youth Voice fund is funding that is avalable for 10-21 year olds. Applications are welcome from individuals and Youth groups who live in or operate in parts of the following areas: Blantyre Burnbank hillhouse Whithill Fairhill Low Waters Cairns Halfway Burnhill Westburn Fernhill Whitlawburn Spittal Blairbeth Cathkin Larkhall and the Circuit   individuals can apply for up to £150 youth groups can apply for up to £500 Youth Voice Fund's main aim is to help Support those who are most in need The fund will support ideas and activities that may help develop skills and confidence in three main categories: Music and Arts Sport or Employment and Education the panel will not fund groups for school curricular activities