Integrated Care Fund 2018 – Sept 2019

The Third Sector Integrated Care Fund originally issued during 2016 is now seeking to attract applications from Third Sector providers for the period Aug 2018 – end Sept 2019.

As you may be aware a number of the previous ICF funded projects have been granted continuation funding covering the above period, as such the South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership is seeking additional bids to the remaining funds.

We are asking for Third Sector Organisations to consider applications toward the following areas;

  1. A one-off partnership application that focusses on a scoping exercise to explore the mechanisms and benefits of a collaborative Third Sector approach to addressing impactful social prescribing options.
    We would anticipate that the bid would be led by a single organisation working in partnership with a small number of likeminded providers:
    The maximum application amount attached to this would not exceed £35,000 over the period August 2018 – September 2019.
    The Health and Social Care Partnership would expect the scoping exercise to conclude with a formal report and recommendations detailing the potential benefits to South Lanarkshire communities and the South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership around impactful social prescribing.
  2. Applications to a maximum of £40,000 to focus on services under the banner of ‘Isolation’, bids that address the following key areas that will be considered favourably;
    1. Transportation.
    2. The provision of meals and food.
    3. Befriending.
    4. Volunteering.

The Health and Social Care Partnership would encourage applications that look at local collaborations and networks that can maximise reach and impact.

The process of application will involve a review of the submitted bid by a

‘Grant Recommendation and Monitoring Panel’ approved by the South Lanarkshire Strategic Planning Group.  Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire (VASLan) as the Third Sector Interface will administer the process of application and monitoring of approved grants.

Applications by providers who are in receipt of continuation ICF funding will not be considered for additional grants, for similar work within the same areas.

The timescales are tight, therefore we would ask that applications are submitted to VASLan by no later than 20th July, after which the ‘Grant Recommendation and Monitoring Panel’ will assess the submissions and notify successful applicants by 31st July 2018.

We would ask that any initial questions regarding the process or to register your interest by requesting an application form are made via Sandra Renicks  at

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