Building and Celebrating Communities - touching base

An appeal has been issued to people in South Lanarkshire to report back on their celebrations, connections and challenges following the launch of a ground-breaking community programme.

Just over six months ago South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership (SLHSCP) - a key partner of VASLan - opened up their Building and Celebrating Communities (BCC) programme with a series of events.

A key aim of the events, attended by a diverse range of people from across the area, was to explore how the partnership can generate more space for communities to create the initiatives, supports and activities that matter to them - and how the partnership can support these activities if need be.

Val de Souza, Director of Health and Social Care, SLHSCP, explain the on going focus is to build on the momentum and energy of the successful events - and touch base with the many individuals and groups who are driving community-based action.

Ms de Souza said: "As a partnership we are absolutely committed to building and nurturing strengths and activities where possible and where required. Of course, we know that a lot of good work is on going and self-sustaining without agency involvement.

"So, on that note, we're keen to learn what is continuing to be built on in communities, any projects that have got off the ground since last summer's events, the networks of people making it happen and any obstacles people are facing and overcoming.

"We also want to know what, if anything, people need support with. The aim is to gain a clearer sense of all the activities and share good practice via our various communication channels and future events.

"In a nutshell, we want to know three things: celebrations, connections and challenges."

Please fill in a feedback form and return it to by Friday 16th February.








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