Funding Announcement: Communities Mental Health and Well Being Fund

Kevin Stewart, MSP, Minister for Mental Well Being and Social Care launched the new Communities Mental Health and Well Being Fund on Friday 15th October 2021. This new fund has been established with £15 million allocated to support mental health and well being in communities across Scotland. The fund has to be administered across Scotland using a collaborative approach between 32 Third Sector Interfaces, Integrated Joint Boards and other key representatives from the respective councils and community.

The fund will be Launched at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 16th November 2021 with the fund opening for applications on the 22nd of November, with all funds needing to be fully allocated by the end of March 2022.

The ambition of this fund is to support initiatives that promote mental health and well being at a small scale, grassroots, community level. It should be accessible to all groups, no matter how small or inexperienced they are.

It can support both new and existing groups or projects. These do not have to have mental health and well being as their main focus, but the application does have to clearly benefit the mental well being of people in their community.

Information Session

VASLan will be hosting a number of information sessions in November on Zoom.

At this event, we will share information on the application process and how to access the guidance information. We will also host smaller capacity building sessions throughout November to support any groups/organisations requiring help to apply.

If you wish to attend the information session, please register via the following links.

18/11/2021 3PM – 4PM   

29/11/2021 10AM- 11AM

01/12/2021 6PM- 7PM

For any questions regarding the fund, please contact our Development Officer to submit a question/query ahead of the information session.

Read the full announcement from the Scottish Government here:

£15 million to help improve mental wellbeing – (

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