Integrated Care Fund Re Opens

The Integrated Care Fund will re-open for fresh applications on Wednesday 6th January until Friday 12th February 2021.  During this round, applicants may request up to 2 years funding.   Collaborative applications are encouraged within these areas of delivery to maximise reach and impact.

Applications will be considered for funding to a maximum of £80,000 per year.

Please note that applications must include a clear explanation of how your project will transition from Covid-19 related measures and restrictions to a post-pandemic recovery model.  You must also include an exit plan as part of your application.  The funding priorities set by the health and social care partnership are listed below:-

  1. Encourage people to safely re-engage in their community through regular social contact and outdoor activities.
  2. Reduce social isolation, support people to build their confidence and resilience to remain active and independent.
  3. Build the capability and quality of Social Enterprise in supporting Health and Social Care.
  4. Identifying and targeting those people who are at risk of admission to hospital, providing appropriate information, support, and developing non-medical care pathways in the community.
  5. Develop wider collaborative local support for people in poverty or those who’s health is impacted by unemployment and financial uncertainty. The partnership would favour proposals where there is clear additionality to what would be considered ‘core’ business around advice.
  6. Help to improve mental health and wellbeing by delivering initiatives that reduces mental health stigma and/or supports people in their community.

For more information contact Sandra Renicks Email: Telephone :07514 658501


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