Roles Played by TSIs During Covid -19

Evaluation Support Scotland carried out a review which aimed to better understand the role of Third Sector Interfaces during the Covid-19 pandemic. The review was funded by Scottish Government and prepared in partnership between Third Sector Interfaces and Evaluation Support Scotland. The review included a desk review, case studies of six TSI areas, and independent interviews with local partners. The review identified the types of activities undertaken by TSIs during Covid-19, the effectiveness of different approaches, and lessons for the future of TSIs. The findings of the review are now available within the report. Based on the findings, the report highlights 5 critical recommendations:

  1. Celebrate the role of the third sector and volunteers during Covid-19
  2. Build awareness locally and nationally of the role and impact of TSI’s
  3. Invest in the capacity and reach of the third sector in local decision-making
  4. Build on the opportunities that have come out of Covid-19
  5. Review funding for TSIs

Read the full report  Roles Played by TSIs During Covid-19 - ESS Report Final_0.pdf


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