Satellite mapping technology connecting people to grassroots community support


Are you looking to tap into local services, supports and community groups in 2018?


Look no further than the online Locator tool – which fuses the wonders of the satellite age with grass-roots voluntary support.


Now, at the click of a mouse, residents across South Lanarkshire can pinpoint local voluntary services and groups around them, ranging from support for health conditions to befriending, bereavement support and lunch clubs, to name but a few.


Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire (VASLan) the third sector interface for the region, have masterminded and refined the database as part of their vital work as key partners in South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership.


Gordon Bennie, CEO of VASLan, said the database is designed to be simple and user-friendly for all age groups.


“Locator, which is live at, works by the user entering a postcode, the type of support or activity they are looking for and the distance they would like to travel to receive help or join a club.


“Locator then automatically pinpoints services, using Google Maps, and provides key information, contact details and website, if applicable.


“The database has been developed following extensive research by VASLan’s staff, who have charted scores of voluntary groups and organisations in the area.”


Mr Bennie added: “Locator is all about personalisation. It’s about giving people a choice to be able to browse and see what’s available to them.


“Although this is now targeted at the wider population, with supports and activities documented that are suitable from children to adults, it was originally designed in 2013 for older people, who, of course, continue to be an important target audience.


“Although many older people are computer literate, volunteers and our partners in the statutory agencies are now using the system to help their patients and clients to identify suitable community groups to attend.


“That’s key to their independence and preventing isolation.”


Val de Souza, Director of Health and Social Care for South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership, said: ““Locator is a well-established and exciting resource and it’s reflective of the breadth and vibrancy of voluntary support in South Lanarkshire.


“This is yet another innovative example of how our partnership is embracing latest technology to help support our vision: working together to improve health and welbeing in the community – with the community.”


Any third sector or community group in South Lanarkshire who would like to have their details added /amended should email :

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