SGN Help Friends of the Calder

Friends of the Calder were delighted to welcome over 20 employees from SGN to the Milheugh area on Friday 30th June, 2017.  Blantyre Community Councillor and SGN employee, James Devine took a proposal to his manager, Gary Connor about possible volunteer work that could be carried out to support Friends of the Calder in his local community.  After many months in the planning, Gary Connor, SGN Operations Manager, had made all the arrangements for the volunteers from his workforce to go along and get stuck in.  Along with the South Lanarkshire Council Countryside Rangers, they turned up at 8am with their vans, diggers, tools and bags of energy!

The local environmental group had set them a fair list of tasks to keep them busy.  These included clearning away snowberry bushes which were taking over at the much loved Falls.  They also cut back all the growth hiding the old Milheugh House outbuilding ruin, something which has great historical significance to the town and had been a target of anti-social behaviour as it was quite hidden from the main path.  Another anti-social hot spot, just off Pech Brae in Blantyre was totally opened up so that it could be seen from the roadside and the field, which will hopefully save a tree which is hundreds of years old from being burned.  They created a path alongside the newly created pond at Barnhill area as well as chopped up a tree that had been preventing the water flowing through Milheugh Bridge.

The result?  By clearing out, they have opened the areas up to make them much more inviting to all that use it. Friends of the Calder are delighted at the difference they have made to the area for their community.  

Dr Susan Lindner-Kelly

Friends of the Calder Chairperson
The work that SGN carried out will complement the programme of path improvements that will take place over the coming months from Greenhall Park to Milheugh.  So, there has been, and will be more, time, energy and enthusiasm spent in these beautiful greenspaces for the whole community to enjoy.

News Date: 
Friday, 7 July, 2017