Volunteering Opportunity: 112th Lanarkshire Scout Group

Organisation: 112th Lanarkshire Scout Group

Role Title: Strathcalder Scouts Volunteer

Location: Throughout Hamilton and East Kilbride

This Scout Group offers flexible volunteering roles for any adult interested in volunteering.  There is an option of working with young people in exciting, adventurous ways - such as camping, hiking, cylcing, kayaking etc.  They also have other roles involving programme planning and delivery of a balanced programme to their young people; including assistant section leader roles where you are able to communicate with other adults and collaborate to create a new stimulating activity based programme.

If you would prefer to be involved behind the scenes, the Scout Group offers administration opportunities behind the groups where there is a need for finance management, secretaries and a chairperson who can effectively lead meetings to benefit the Scout Groups they are working with.

If you would like further information on any of the volunteer roles listed, please call us on 01698 300390 or email volunteer@vaslan.org.ukYou can search and apply for all our volunteer position via www.volunteerscotland.net

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Tuesday, 5 September, 2017
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