Feel the Warmth

Feel the Warmth

Feel the Warmth CIC manufactures heat pad and kidney warmers belt to help those who suffer due to the cold weather!

Jean Rooney the Founding and Managing Director of Feel the Warm, was moved by a near death experience of a loved one due to hypothermia and discovered the simplest way to stop a person from being cold was to maintain vital Core Body Temperature.

The heat belts and kidney warmers have proven to provide pain relief, accelerates healing in soft tissue healing and increased range of motion as well as many other health benefits. Heat pad can help save money on electricity 30p for a month without overheating.

The products have been tested by Police Scotland, Alzheimer’s Scotland and Glasgow Access Panel, which will continue post COVID 19.

 “I had the chance to be fitted with a Heat Belt and within minutes felt the gentle, comforting warm that the small unobtrusive battery provided. I was amazed at the radiating warmth that the belt enabled throughout my body. This product is a revolutionary advance for the care of people with this condition, Systemic Sclerosis (which I also have), Fibromyalgia, MS and the frail and elderly, many more; Hill Walkers, Sailors, RNLI volunteers..........the list is endless.”
Marie, Customer

Make sure to head to the Feel the Warmth website, to find out about the incredible work they are doing to support those who suffer due to cold weather: