The MorphFit Gentle Movement Project offers fully funded online Gentle Movement Exercises for The Elderly, all those who are shielding or in Isolation and to anyone who has acknowledged health issues.

Client's include Sense Scotland, The Beatson, The Haven, MS Society, Bothwell Medical Centre and The Lanarkshire Carers Association.

They provide a fully funded service and they have been operating 9 months now. They have received funding from Foundation Scotland and VASLan on 3 occasions allowing them to deliver their services in the local community.

To ensure they are able to expand and develop their services further they constantly need to be aware of all upcoming funding opportunities for the Project. They have been advertising for fundraising volunteers through VASLan since December 2020 and now have two new volunteers helping the team and feeding back potential funding opportunities.

As well as continuing to expand the Gentle Movement Programme in 2021 they have added two new volunteers to the team, Katie who found MorphFit through VASLan who has been an incredible addition to team and secured £2000 worth of funding. And Ashley who will be moving to a new role as Community Liason and Relationship Development in June!

“I came across the opportunity to volunteer with the Gentle Movements Project through the Volunteer Scotland website. The work of the project really appealed to me as I have been caring for an elderly relative during the pandemic and feel strongly that staying active is really important for physical and mental health. Feeling socially isolated myself, volunteering was a great way for me to connect with new people and keep myself busy. I've only been involved with the project for a short time but I have felt that my contributions have been really valued by Kenneth.”
- Laura, Volunteer

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