Check the Criteria

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‘Is my organisation eligible?’ - What to look for


Do we have to be a charity?

Do we have to be a social enterprise?


Are there geographical restrictions ie. must my organisation be based in London; is the funding programme UK-wide; does it cover Scotland?


  • Does our income have to be below a certain level?
  • Do we have to have a minimum income?
  • Do we have to apply for a minimum or maximum percentage of our overall costs?


  • Do we support the same types of PEOPLE as the funder eg. children, refugees, disabled, senior citizens, families
  • Do we support the same types of WORK / ACTIVITY as the funder eg. education, care, admin, development, research?
  • Do we support the same areas of INTEREST as the funder eg. arts, sports, health, heritage, volunteering?
  • Does the funder pay for salaries?
  • Does the funder pay for core costs?


  • What is the maximum amount of grant and is it enough?
  • Do we need match funding and if so, what percentage?
  • Is the grant period long enough to allow us to do everything?
  • When is the closing date for applications?
  • Has the funder stated that there is still money available?

If there is an Exclusions List, always read it first