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Effective communication is critical for the survival of any organisation and one of today’s most important methods of communication is email.  To maximise growth potential organisations should have access to email and know how to use it to best effect.  There are several methods of providing email and the approach used will depend of the size of the organisation.  The main types are:




Free Internet eg. hotmail, yahoo

  • Easy to setup, Free
  • More susceptible to Spam
  • Not Secure
  • No Control


  • Email filtering possible
  • Secure
  • Web or client accessible
  • No support costs
  • Running costs


  • Full control
  • Email filtering possible
  • Email archiving
  • Calendar integration
  • Secure
  • High set up costs
  • Running Costs
  • Technical support required


All Registered charities can get free email hosting on Microsoft’s Office 365 platform


An email is in effect an electronic document so the rules that apply to handling company documents should apply equally to emails

Information contained in an email may be seen to be representative of the views of the organisation and should be controlled accordingly

It is not a good idea to use your personal email address for organisational email

Client-based email using a software application such as Outlook is useful if you have a number of staff