Ten Tips For Getting the Most From Your IT

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Ten Tips to help you to get the most from your Information Technology:-

  1. All user should agree and sign an Acceptable Use policy for IT resources
  2. Access to computers should be through a user name and password
  3. Passwords should be changed at least every 60 to 90 days
  4. You should not be able to guess a password easily.  They should have a minimum length of 6 characters and contain a mixture of different case letters, numbers and symbols
  5. Backup data on a regular basis and also test that the data has been recovered properly
  6. Users should be made aware of  the need for computer security
  7. Keep the anti virus definitions up to date
  8. Install operating system updates as soon as possible
  9. For critical systems consider a maintenance contract with a reputable third party
  10. Plan to renew computer hardware and software every 3 to 5 years