Web Sites

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Nowadays an organisation should have a good web presence.  Creating a web site is not difficult but care should be taken during its design so that it represents the organisation in an appropriate way.

Why have a web site?

  • The internet is now generally the first stop when looking for information
  • It presents a professional image
  • Promotes the organisation to a wide audience not limited geographically
  • Can help to develop new products and services
  • Offers a low-cost alternative to premises for showcasing goods

What makes a successful web site?

A successful web site should:-

  • Provide the information the client is looking for
  • Keep information up to date and relevant
  • Have a simple but exciting look and feel
  • Be easy to navigate, accessible and user friendly
  • Be accessible by search engines

What should a web site contain?

A web site as a minimum should contain the following:

  • Contact details, email, telephone, address
  • Information about the organisation
  • Details about products and services
  • News and events relevant to the organisation and its market
  • Access to usage statistics

Web Hosting

A web site needs to be hosted. There are two options to address this - free and chargeable

Web Hosting




  • No cost to set up
  • Online tools to help with set up
  • Lack of control
  • May contain adverts
  • Meaningless web address


  • Full Control
  • Own web address
  • Often includes email hosting
  • Cost
  • Expertise required to set up

The cost of hosting a web site is between £50 and £150 per year plus the annual cost of registering your domain name (£6 to £30pa)


If you outsource the creation and development of the web site remember to ensure that all the intellectual assets remain with the organisation and not the web developers.  This includes text, images, databases, infrastructure etc.