Gift Aid

What is Gift Aid?

  • Gift aid is a simple method for Charities to be able to increase the value of donations from UK taxpayers.
  • You can claim back 25p every time an individual donates £1 to your charity or community amateur sports club (CASC). This is called Gift Aid.
  • You must be recognised as a charity or CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club)for tax purposes

Include Facts and Stats

One area that will strengthen funding application is being able to demonstrate key facts regarding the geographical area and/or issue.  There are several websites that can help you look at the statistics. By researching you will be able to identify how you know that your project is needed and back it up with hard facts.

Is your project in an area of/has:

Bank Finance

Finance options available through banks include:

  • Overdrafts
  • Credit Cards – advisable for businesses wanting to borrow a small amount, i.e. less than £5K
  • Loans
  • Small Firms Loans Guarantee Scheme – supported by the DTI with lots of paperwork to prove that your application is viable. This can be a very difficult fund to access and most businesses are rejected

When approaching a bank manager for funding or finance, there are two main criteria against which they will judge your application:


Sponsorship is a specific form of financial help.  To secure a sponsorship deal, you should have a focussed marketing plan or at least a clear idea of how your idea is going to become well publicised.  You need to show how an association with your project, marketing, audience and/or client group will enhance a potential sponsor’s profile in their own marketplace and ideally beyond it.

Top Tips For Successful Funding Applications

  • Start preparing well in advance
  • Ask for help e.g. from funders (they WANt to give you money) and support agencies
  • Make friends with your funder (see above!)
  • Be clear and decisive, about what you are doing and why, about how much money you need
  • Assume the funder knows nothing about you
  • Use plain language with no jargon
  • Show you can handle large sums of money
  • Make sure all your sums add up correctly (see above!)
  • Be prepared to manage your grant properly

Check the Criteria

‘Is my organisation eligible?’ - What to look for


Do we have to be a charity?

Do we have to be a social enterprise?


Are there geographical restrictions ie. must my organisation be based in London; is the funding programme UK-wide; does it cover Scotland?


Public Funding, Grants and Awards

Public funding in the form of grants and loans are popular sources of start up and project funding.  Most funding from public sources, trusts or charities is dependent on your individual circumstances and those of your project or business, as well as those of your audience/client group.  Each funding scheme will have different criteria for eligibility and will usually fund a proportion, rather than the full costs, of any organisation’s activity.  Public funding is very often targeted at project activity and is therefore not seen as supporting the organisation’s cor

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