Getting Started

Build a Team

Establishing a committee

  • In order to establish a voluntary organisation a management committee must be assembled to ensure that the organisation is administered effectively and delivers the necessary activities or services that will achieve its stated objectives. The powers of the management committee, as well as the procedure for electing its members, are defined in the organisation’s governing document.

Who Are the Regulators?

For Charities

  • The regulator for Charities in Scotland, which includes registered Charities and SCIO’s (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations) is the Office of Scottish Charity Regulators (OSCR). 
  • Charities and SCIO’s are required to provide annual accounts for OSCR.

For Companies Limited by Guarantee/Shares with Charitable Status:

Make a Plan

Making a Plan

  • It is recommended when starting out with your organisation that you develop a plan of how the organisation is going to be structured, how it will deliver its objectives or services and how it intends to finance itself.
  • A project plan can help to pull all of these aspects of developing an organisation together and is a useful document for providing information to potential funders or partners to show there is a clear plan for the organisation.  The project plan can also be a good starting point for the development of a Business Plan.

Get Constituted

What is a constitution?

  • A constitution is the governing document adopted by an organisation to define its objectives, membership criteria and procedures for meetings, elections and how it will function.
  • As a formal set of rules a constitution brings structure to an organisation and is a basic requirement for applying for grant funding.

Starting Up

Voluntary organisations and community groups are set up everyday in Scotland for many different reasons, however the amount of effort required to set up and establish a new voluntary organisation should not be underestimated, and it is important that ample time is built into your development plan.  Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire can provide advice on starting up and if you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss your idea further please contact

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