VASLan's work depends upon maintaining a close and productive working relationship with the South Lanarkshire Third Sector. Discussion and dialogue is vital to the development of a sector that is strong, successful and sustainable. Membership is a way of ensuring that lines of communication are always open.

Membership to VASLan if free for all Third Sector organisations who deliver a service in South Lanarkshire. VASLan’s mission is to enable volunteers, community organisations and Social Enterprise to deliver transformational change by providing capacity building support. 

In addition to this support, becoming a member provides you access to: 

  • Access to dedicated funding that is distributed by VASLan 
  • Listing your organisation and services on the Locator App which provides a directory of Third Sector services across South Lanarkshire 
  • An organisation spotlight video and complementary professional photography to showcase your impact 
  • Access to the Learning Circle online learning platform providing essential and bespoke staff and volunteer training courses 
  • Access and support to achieve recognised accreditations including volunteer quality standards  
  • Access to the Third Sector Chief Officers’ Group membership 
  • Ability to vote at the VASLan Annual General Meeting 

If you would like to become a member of VASLan  please complete this Application Form

If you have any questions about VASlan membership, please contact us: Email: or phone 01698 300390