Scottish Psychological Trauma and Adversity Training Plan Consultation Launch

On 25th May 2017 the Scottish Government/NHS Education Scotland (NES) published ‘Transforming Psychological Trauma: A Knowledge and Skills Framework for The Scottish Workforce’.  

This work was commissioned to support the development of a trauma-informed workforce and services in line with priorities to support survivors of childhood abuse.  The framework also has wider applications for people affected by all forms of psychological trauma at any stage in life, and is aligned with the Scottish Government Programme for Government commitment to prevent and address adverse childhood experiences.  

The Transforming Psychological Trauma Framework is designed to increase understanding of trauma and its impact across the broad Scottish workforce.  It lays out the essential and core knowledge and skills needed by all tiers of the Scottish workforce to ensure that the needs of children and adults who are affected by trauma are recognised, understood and responded to in a way which recognises individual strengths, acknowledges rights and ensures timely access to effective care, support and interventions for those who need it.

After publication of the Framework, the Scottish Government commissioned NES to develop and design a Trauma Training Plan in collaboration with a range of key partners to guide implementation of training for the Scottish workforce.  

The Scottish Psychological Trauma and Adversity Training Plan is a companion document to the Transforming Psychological Trauma Framework. It has the goal of providing guidance and outlining the steps that can be undertaken within and across organisations, services and agencies to develop, commission and embed the use of high quality trauma training.  

The Trauma Training Plan also proposes organisational and leadership structures which are likely to support the development of a trauma-informed workforce.  

The Training Plan is currently at the consultation stage. The Scottish Government and NES would therefore welcome hearing your view on a number of aspects of the plan. 

To submit feedback, please follow this link to the consultation document We are asking for feedback to be provided by 22nd February 2019.

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