Here at VASLan  we have been delighted – although not surprised – to see the response from people in South Lanarkshire to the COVID-19 pandemic and we are working to support this respons

Your safety and limiting the spread of the coronavirus is the main priority. Make sure you adhere to the latest Government advice . We would ask that you make sensible decisions and minimise the risk to your own and others health at all times. 

Before considering volunteering, ask yourself - am I well enough to volunteer? Currently you can only volunteer outside the home if:

  • You are under 70 years old
  • You and everyone in your household are free of symptoms of COVID-19
  • You are less than 28 weeks pregnant
  • You do not have any underlying health condition

Follow the Guidelines

Stay current with the information available about COVID-19



How to help safely


Make sure you adhere to the guidance on washing your hands:


What to do in an emergency?

If you are concerned about a child, young person or adult being at risk of harm, then please contact social work enquiries on 0300 123 1008.

You can find out more about adult protection here: https://www.adultprotectionsouthlanarkshire.org.uk/

To find out more about protecting children and young people visit: https://www.childprotectionsouthlanarkshire.org.uk/

For information on protecting children and young people – see the guidance for the voluntary sector on the VASLan website here.

Don’t ignore it.  Report it.

Advice for volunteers

  •       Don’t do anything that makes you feel unsafe
  •       Only do what you have agreed to do
  •       Follow the guidelines given to you by the organisation you are volunteering for
  •       Be careful with your personal data and with that of the people you are helping.

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