Community Planning Partnership

Community Planning brings together local agencies and organisations from the public, private and third sector. Partners work with each other and local communities to deliver better public services. The agreed vision for Community Planning in South Lanarkshire is:

"To improve the quality of life for all in South Lanarkshire by ensuring equal access to opportunities and to services that meet people's needs".

Key areas of focus include:

  • Improving Health and Tackling Inequalities
  • Reducing Crime and Improving Community Safety
  • Promoting Sustainable and Inclusive Communities and Opportunities for all through Life
  • Ensuring Sustainable Economic Recovery and Development
  • Tackling Poverty

South Lanarkshire Council is part of the South Lanarkshire Community Planning Partnership and the Partnership Board has a key role in progressing Community Planning in this area. Board partners include:

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • NHS Lanarkshire
  • Police Scotland
  • Scottish Enterprise
  • Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
  • Skills Development Scotland
  • Strathclyde Partnership for Transport
  • The Health and Social Care Integration Joint Board
  • VASLan (Third Sector)

To find out more about Community Planning in South Lanarkshire – please visit the South Lanarkshire Community Planning Partnership website and the CPP Papers cpplogo.jpg