About Us

Who We Are

Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire (VASLan) is South Lanarkshire’s Third Sector Interface (TSI). There are 32 TSI’s across Scotland - one for each local authority area. Our role as a TSI is to provide a single point of access for support and advice for the Third Sector in South Lanarkshire

Our key function is to help the Third Sector by being a source of knowledge, connecting partners, being a voice for the sector and supporting organisations to build capacity. We are required by Scottish Government to operate within 4 core areas of activity which include: 
•    Supporting and developing a strong Third Sector
•    Building the Third Sector relationship with community planning
•    Volunteering development
•    Social Enterprise development

Within these areas we deliver a wide range of activities and services designed for the benefit of the Third Sector and our wider community. We also balance these with emerging local and national developments impacting local communities and prioritise our activities to maximise our resources and focus on where we can make the greatest difference.

Our Vision and Mission

As an organisation, we are committed to serving South Lanarkshire’s Third Sector. Our vision is: 
“Resilient and enabled communities creating a stronger, fairer and more equitable South Lanarkshire with volunteers, community organisations and Social Enterprises at its heart. "

To achieve this we are dedicated in being sustainable and innovative through the delivery of our activities and services. This will enable us to achieve our wider mission of:
“Enabling volunteers, community organisations and Social Enterprises to deliver transformational change."

Our core values are Respect, Integrity, Inclusiveness and Commitment. 

Our Strategy

In April 2024, we launched our new three-year strategy 'Enabling. Facilitating. Championing'. We are excited to share our refreshed vision and mission that will help us to achieve our core functions, utilizing our key assets free VASLan membership, participation and influence model, and co-produced campaigns. You can read the main objectives here

Concluding our 'Moving to Action' strategy, we have reflected on our achievements and goals from the previous two years. You can see our full wrapped video on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/86kco46J9zM