Dear community and voluntary groups,

We know that these are difficult times and that many of you have been working very hard to make sure that the vulnerable people in your communities continue to be supported.

Following on from last night’s announcement by the Prime Minister and the First Minister we now need your ongoing help and assistance in supporting the needs of your local communities. 

We will very shortly provide information on how you can to do this safely by following the guidance you will be given.

Your support and assistance can help to keep people safe and well at home and reduce the strain on our NHS and other vital services.

We anticipate we will need you to help in areas such as delivering food and other vital supplies to vulnerable people, with checking that your neighbours are okay and letting us know about any problems they need us to support them with, and in other ways within your local community.

Further information will be circulated as soon as we are able to; if you have any immediate queries about how you or your community group can get involved in helping please contact us on


Councillor Maureen Chalmers

Chair, South Lanarkshire Community Planning Partnership

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