Social Enterprise

socenthex.pngWhat is Social Enterprise?

Social Enterprise like any other type of business generates profit, however, unlike other businesses Social Enterprise reinvest their profits into Social or Environmental aims of the organisation.

VASLan Social Enterprise Support

As part of VASLan's remit to support the Third Sector of South Lanarkshire we are tasked, as one of our four key strands, to support the Social Enterprises and Enterprising Organisations working in South Lanarkshire.

VASLan's Social Enterprise team can provide support for all aspects of start up from an initial idea, starting up a project, to developing and growing an existing organisation to develop innovative ways to sustain their activities and services. We also facilitate a Social Enterprise Virtual Network which you can join here. This is a peer network of over 25 local enterprising organisations, providing a platform for discussion and information sharing.

We can also provide tailored support to organisations at any stage in the development process, services include:

  • Guidance in identifying aims, outcomes and needs, of your organisation
  • Guidance on writing a constitution or governing document
  • Information and resources to support the identification of a suitable legal structure
  • Supporting applications to Companies House or for Charitable Status
  • Templates for Policies and Procedures (e.g. PVG, Volunteers, Equalities)
  • Project and Business Planning templates and support in developing plans
  • Guidance in planning for the development of trading or development of sustainable income streams
  • Advice on carrying out monitoring and evaluation of projects
  • Signposting and connecting Social Enterprises to relevant nation support agencies that can provide additional specialist support

For more information on Social Enterprise Start up and development and full set of templates please see the Organisation Resource Kit .