Gordon Bennie

Chief Executive Officer

Audrey Canning

Finance Officer

Charlie Duffin

Operations and Strategic Manager

Angus Lindsay

IT Systems Officer

Ann Sangster

Development Officer (Children & Family Services)

Erin Walsh

Comms & Marketing Officer

Letitia Gallacher

Administration Services Manager

Peter McGhee

Development Officer (Horizon Scanning Focus)

Roisin McCusker

Development Officer (Volunteering)

Sandra Renicks

Development Officer (Health and Social Care)

Sarah Burgess

Development Officer (Green Health Volunteering)

Stuart Reilly

Development Officer (Governance/Capacity)

Tina Cameron

Delivery Services and Organisational Development Co-ordinator

Zoe MacGregor

EKB Volunteering Collaborative Development Officer

Debbie Williams

Mentoring Project Officer

Ian McLaughlan

Mentoring Project Officer

Kayleigh McCartney

Administrative Assistant

Sharon Stewart

Administration Support Officer

Winnie Brown

Mentoring Project Officer

David Bett

Administration Support Officer