VASLan%20avatar%20small.JPGVASLan's work depends upon maintain a close and productive working relationship with the South Lanarkshire Third Sector. Discussion and dialogue is vital to the development of a sector that is strong, successful and sustainable. Membership is a way of ensuring that lines of communication are always open.

Being a VASLan member allows you to tap into a rich vein of resources and expertise we have at our disposal, as well as entitling you to a fantastic range of benefits that include:

  • Free and discounted training courses
  • Help with starting up, constitution and becoming a charity
  • Funding advice
  • Organisation Health Check
  • Publicity and PR services
  • Social Enterprise advice
  • Sector Recognition e.g. Volunteer Friendly

Membership is open to all voluntary organisations, community groups and social enterprises for a flat annual fee:

  • £25 per annum for organisations with an annual income less than £60,000
  • £55 per annum for organisations with an annual income greater than £60,000
  • £15 per annum per for an individual membership

To become a member please complete and return the Membership Application Form.