Lanarkshire CVS Covid-19 Support Survey

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This survey is being undertaken by Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire (VANL) and Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire (VASLAN) to capture information from Lanarkshire’s community and voluntary sector (CVS) to identify their support needs in relation to managing COVID-19 risks and encouraging their employees, volunteers and service users to undergo regular testing for Covid-19.

The findings from the survey will assist VANL and VASLAN in providing information, guidance and support on COVID-19 health and safety issues to the CVS.

Roles Played by TSIs During Covid -19

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Evaluation Support Scotland carried out a review which aimed to better understand the role of Third Sector Interfaces during the Covid-19 pandemic. The review was funded by Scottish Government and prepared in partnership between Third Sector Interfaces and Evaluation Support Scotland. The review included a desk review, case studies of six TSI areas, and independent interviews with local partners. The review identified the types of activities undertaken by TSIs during Covid-19, the effectiveness of different approaches, and lessons for the future of TSIs.

Relocation and Relaunch of VASLan

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At the beginning of 2021 VASLan experienced a vast amount of change in the wake of COVID-19. We welcomed our new CEO (Steven Sweeney), relocated to new premises (128 Almada Street, Hamilton) and now we are delighted to share with you our new branding.

As we move through this exciting period of change, we want to ensure that our brand represents our strategy and the future of VASLan.

Delayed Discharge: Continuing the Conversation

On Friday 28th May, VASLan hosted a conversation with the members of the Third Sector and representatives of the Health and Social Care Partnership.  This conversation focussed on Delayed Discharge and how we can work together to reduce it.    There is a big role for the Third Sector in supporting delayed discharge and admission avoidance.  This could be about getting in shopping, switching on heating, carrying out small repairs and reducing loneliness.

South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership Funding

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South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership recently approved 2 years’ worth of funding totalling £1.26m to 12 South Lanarkshire based third sector organisations. 

This funding will go some way to strengthening and developing community-based services in South Lanarkshire to deliver person-centred support, reduce social isolation, improve and maintain mental health and well-being and promote independence.