Volunteer Recruitment

We appreciate that there are many ways of recruiting volunteers and a combined approach is normally the most effective. It may be that volunteers already come to you directly through word of mouth or you may run your own successful recruitment drives. Alternatively you may desperately need volunteers and are not sure where to start. VASLan staff can provide advice and support regarding best practice and the successful recruitment of volunteers and we are happy to publicise volunteering opportunities to either complement your existing recruitment methods or to assist you to begin successfully recruiting volunteers.

We maintain a database of volunteering opportunities in South Lanarkshire. People who are interested in volunteering can either browse these opportunities on our web site, on the Volunteer Scotland website, or in our volunteering directory when meeting with one of our Volunteer Advisers. We keep the directory as fresh and representative as possible, illustrating the great variety that exists within volunteering and emphasising the positive experiences it can produce.

If your organisation is looking for volunteers, simply complete this Volunteering Opportunity Form to let us know about the role and we will advertise it.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of volunteer recruitment or advertising opportunities with VASLan please contact David Bett on 01698 300 390 or email volunteer@vaslan.org.uk.


For more information and guidance on recruiting volunteers please see the Volunteering Resource Kit.